Conway Hall Cancels

Cancellation of No2Nato event —25 February 2023 — Conway Hall A Conference organised by No3Nato/Workers Party of Britain has been cancelled by Conway Hall, the Home of Free Speech, a month  before it was due to take place on 25th February 2023.  Previously St Pancras Church had also succumbed to pressure and cancelled the same proposed meeting. At … Continue reading Conway Hall Cancels

Ukraine and the OSCE

Ukraine: Where to find the Truth in enormous detail By Craig Murray In the massive propaganda blitz over Ukraine, there is one place where you can find, in enormous detail, the truth about what is happening in the civil war conflict zone on a daily basis. That is in the daily reports of the Organisation for … Continue reading Ukraine and the OSCE

Julian Assange in His Own Words

Julian Assange in his own words, Book Review by Helen Mercer And  A Ray of Hope: Julian Assange Given Leave to Appeal With the recent judgement handed down by the High Court judges supporting the US appeal in the case of Julian Assange we have truly entered an Alice in Wonderland world. Logic, not … Continue reading Julian Assange in His Own Words

Craig Murray

Craig Murray — Parliament Notes 2 Craig Murray is now in prison – see Craig Murray's appeal bid fails over Alex Salmond trial blogs (BBC, 29 July 2021). His last blog before going into prison is Keeping Freedom aliveHe will not be able to post any while in prison. There is a Justice for Craig Murray Campaign and a Craig … Continue reading Craig Murray