Conway Hall Cancels

Cancellation of No2Nato event —25 February 2023 — Conway Hall

A Conference organised by No3Nato/Workers Party of Britain has been cancelled by Conway Hall, the Home of Free Speech, a month  before it was due to take place on 25th February 2023.  Previously St Pancras Church had also succumbed to pressure and cancelled the same proposed meeting.

At Conway Hall, money had been paid and tickets sold through Eventbrite (

The following speakers had been agreed by Conway Hall:  George Galloway, Chris Williamson, MEP Clare Daly, MEP Mick Wallace, Max Blumenthal, Anya Parampil, Lowkey, Andy Hudd, Craig Murray, David Miller, Peter Ford.

This is the link to the complete exchange of emails between the organisers of the meeting and Conway Hall:

We reproduce below the Conway Hall email cancelling the proposed event:

23 January 2023

“Dear Edward,

As you may be aware, over the weekend Conway Hall has been subjected to an onslaught of increasingly intimidating emails and social media posts regarding hosting your event next month.  The backlash we have received is unprecedented in our recent history.

This morning our Senior Management team has met and regretfully we have taken the decision that Conway Hall can no longer host your event, as we are now unable to ensure the safety of your building and our staff on and offline.  As well, the online detractors were actively seeking to contact our funders, partners and hirers, and as charity we cannot jeopardise those income streams which are vital to our survival.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing to you and we had hoped, given Conway Hall’s history of hosting similar events, that we would be able to go ahead with this booking.

Having now informed you of this, we will be issuing a public statement at midday today.  

I would appreciate a reply just so we know you have read and understood our position on this.

Kind regards,”

In the event, the meeting did take place, in a different venue.

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