The first of May, International Workers Day This is a piece from French State Radio France Info 1/5/23, explaining the meaning and history of the First of May. Contrast with England and the BBC!  A very strong mobilisation is expected on Monday 1st May throughout France for the traditional marches on this public holiday. Territorial intelligence … Continue reading MAY DAY GREETINGS !

Is Labour the Natural Party of Local Government? Editorial

When one looks at the current Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and its leadership, it is hard to escape the impression of a collective without principles, interested only in political power and in concealing, as much as possible, what they actually stand for so as not to annoy any powerful interest or to provoke controversy. A good example … Continue reading Is Labour the Natural Party of Local Government? Editorial

The Budget Statement Was Not Unfunded—Editorial 1

We are told by almost every economics commentator in the main stream media that the markets panicked because, on 23rd September, Kwasi Kwarteng failed to explain how the government would fund the increase in spending implied by putting a cap on energy prices and reducing taxes. Kwarteng’s fiscal statement was unusual.  Kwarteng understood that national debt would … Continue reading The Budget Statement Was Not Unfunded—Editorial 1

Freezing for Zelensky

  Editorial 2                         Boris Johnson told the British public on 24th August that they must make significant sacrifices of their living standards to protect the freedom of the Ukrainian people. If this means high fuel bills, freezing or going hungry then so be it. Labour Affairs and others have already exposed the lies that underpin this rhetoric and we … Continue reading Freezing for Zelensky

The Struggle for Publicly Owned Land

LABOUR AND HOUSING – Part 9.   The struggle for publicly-owned land (cont.) By Eamon Dyas [In the Seventies Labour endeavoured to stop  profits from property speculation and development exceeding profits from industry.] The previous part of this exploration into the history of the relationship between private landowning and public need ended with an explanation of the … Continue reading The Struggle for Publicly Owned Land


                        a Ukrainian burger called Boris                         at his public school strove to learn Horace.                         Now gets eaten in Kiev,                         promised NATO, RAF.                         Put that country in plaster of Paris.                         Wilson John Haire. 24th August, 2022.                          There is a sort of lady called Liz Truss                         who inadvertently misses the bus.                         Her tongue creates two nations                         though … Continue reading Limericks

Notes on the News

By Gwydion M. Williams Heat Waves, Floods and Drought The Mixed Economy – Thatcherism’s Secret Vice Technology: the World Not Set Free Inheritance – Preserving Small Businesses? Women Hated for Not Being Inferior Snippets China Fine for Useful Foreign Businesses Religion and Superstition Free Speech and Arab Winters Korea & Turkiye. Heat Waves, Floods and … Continue reading Notes on the News

Mick Lynch—In His Own Words (2)

Mick Lynch in his own words 4th August 2022, on the channel “Double Down News”. [Extracts] “Division is fatal for working class people, we cannot allow that to happen, all workers are one and that’s the attitude we have to take forward, mobilising our people together, all workers of every identity in one mass movement. … Continue reading Mick Lynch—In His Own Words (2)