School Meals in the Lords

Children’s school meals Debate in the House of Lords  27/03/23’s SchoolMeals Question  Asked by Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe  To ask His Majesty’s Government what plans they have to review and revise the children’s school meal regulations to reduce the levels of processed sugar and to provide incentives to encourage the use of alternatives such as stevia. … Continue reading School Meals in the Lords

Skills v Knowledge

Skills v Knowledge, or the balance between university education and vocational education.   The Tory head of the Education Committee has the right ideas, as seen in his exchanges with Nadhim Zahawi, the Secretary of State for education, during the debate on the Schools White Paper,  Monday 28th March 2022 — Commons Chamber Robert Halfon: The White Paper … Continue reading Skills v Knowledge

White privilege?

"The forgotten: How White working class pupils have been let down and how to change it" Parliament Notes The Lords Committee on Education published its report on White British educational underachievement on 22 June 2021.   The Committee, led by Robert Halfon, is composed of both Labour and Tory peers, and has heard statements from witnesses from … Continue reading White privilege?

What am I going to do next? Young People and Unemployment Part 6:

How to start Dave Gardner Providing jobs now is necessary to avoid a long-lasting blight on young people’s lives. But what should happen next? What people want is not difficult to describe: Reasonably well-paid, secure and interesting jobs Good training and further education opportunities A safe, secure and attractive environment Good leisure amenities Quality housing … Continue reading What am I going to do next? Young People and Unemployment Part 6:

What am I going to do next? Part 5

No or bad work experience can have long term scarring effects leading to long spells of unemployment, dissatisfaction in the workplace, the inability to build a career and a general cynicism about employers and employment. Even an adherent to ‘household economics’ should recognise the long term economic cost of failing to provide work and good quality vocational education and training that includes work experience.

Job Guarantee

Fight unemployment with a job guarantee Guardian   Letters  Thu 28 Jan 2021 Nigel Willmott’s constituency Labour party has written to its local council calling on it to adopt a job guarantee policy. He urges other CLPs to do the same I was very pleased to see your editorial in support of a job guarantee (25 January). Hornsey and Wood Green constituency … Continue reading Job Guarantee