Budget Battle Lines

Editorial Budget Battle Lines The next UK budget is on 3rd March.  We don’t know what position Sunak will take on the hugely increased fiscal deficit.  Will he return to austerity policies quickly or defer for a year?  Certainly the Labour Party response to Sunak’s budget will be an opportunity to clearly separate Labour from the Conservatives.   There have … Continue reading Budget Battle Lines

The Tory Party and the Labour Movement 1891

The Tory Party and the Labour Movement Randolph Churchill Paddington Speech 1891 Eamon Dyas Lord Randolph Churchill wasn’t advocating a Tory initiative of pro-labour policies. At this stage there was no Labour Party which had the responsibility of formulating a political programme representing working class interests, so the political language of the time didn’t include … Continue reading The Tory Party and the Labour Movement 1891

Walter Citrine

Walter Citrine:Forgotten Statesman of the Trades Union Congress by Dr Jim Moher (JGM Books, from March 2021), £24.99  This is the first biography of a trade union leader who was a leading figure in the Labour movement when the trade unions were a powerful influence in British society. It is also a study of his … Continue reading Walter Citrine

Israel’s Violations of the 4th Geneva Convention

An extraordinary event took place on 24 January 2021: a BBC TV interviewer repeatedly challenged an Israeli representative about Israel’s failure to carry out its obligations under international law towards Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.  The occasion was an interview by Andrew Marr with the Israeli Minister of Health, Yuli Edelstein [1].  Marr challenged him repeatedly about … Continue reading Israel’s Violations of the 4th Geneva Convention

Job Guarantee

Fight unemployment with a job guarantee Guardian   Letters  Thu 28 Jan 2021 Nigel Willmott’s constituency Labour party has written to its local council calling on it to adopt a job guarantee policy. He urges other CLPs to do the same I was very pleased to see your editorial in support of a job guarantee (25 January). Hornsey and Wood Green constituency … Continue reading Job Guarantee

Diary of a Corbyn Foot Soldier

Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (March, 2021) Dictionary definition of a foot soldier: “…a dedicated low level follower…” Michael Murray: murraymicha@gmail.com; FaceBook: Michael Murray London  Contents: “Language and power under new Labour management”: “Competent Business”“Reminder of Conduct” Humpty Dumpty:“When I use a word, it means what I choose it to mean” Alice:“The question is whether … Continue reading Diary of a Corbyn Foot Soldier

Parliament Notes

Food for schools, prisons and hospitals, or Public Sector Procurement of Food. The White Paper for a Health and Care bill. [The Covid epidemic in England has highlighted the low number of nurses and doctors on the one hand, and the high number of people in poor health on the other.  The minister for Health, Matt Hancock, … Continue reading Parliament Notes