Listening to Italy by Orecchiette Parties Italians commemorate their Liberation Day from Nazi fascism on 25th April. This year's celebrations were the largest ever; La Repubblica estimated 70,000 were gathered in Milan's cathedral square. Dignitaries made appropriate speeches throughout Italy but Matteo Salvini's Lega did not appear at all. Further controversy followed a Tweet made by Vito Petrocelli, M5S's (Five Star) … Continue reading Orecchiette

Moscopoli — Moscowgate

Listening to Italy by Orecchiette MOSCOPOLI (or Moscow-gate) Marco Travaglio, Editor of Il  Fatto Quotidiano, a newspaper to the left of la Repubblica, commenced his editorial on Putin by taking a slogan from a pacifist demo that happened in March. “Né con Putin, Né con Nato” Not with Putin nor with NATO. “I have always condemned Vladimir Putin's regime, ever since Silvio Berlusconi … Continue reading Moscopoli — Moscowgate


Listening to Italy by Orecchiette ALL CHANGE Mario Draghi became Prime Minister of Italy on 13 February following the resignation of Giuseppe Conte.  Conte had served two Prime Ministerial terms. He was nominated by President Sergio Mattarella and given a parliamentary vote of confirmation, but he has never held an elected post. He had a … Continue reading ALL CHANGE

Listening to Italy

Listening to Italy by Orecchiette SUPER MARIO? On 13 February 2021 Mario Draghi, economist and retired central banker became the Prime Minister of Italy.  Draghi first studied under Federico Caffè, a Keynesian economist at Rome's Sapienza University. He then moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Nobel prize winner Franco Modigliani, who said that … Continue reading Listening to Italy