Brief note: Leaks to the press a corrosive effect on politics When it comes to the timing of leaks to the press I immediately think, internal politics. Coming as it has in the immediate aftermath of the local government election results, the email leak that provoked the Durham police to re-open the Investigation into Starmer … Continue reading Leaks

The Persecution of Julian Assange Part 3

The persecution of Julian Assange — part 3 By Peter Brooke A brief history of Wikileaks[1] followed by ‘Assange Extradition, on to the Next Hurdle’ from Craig Murray’s website. As a teenager in Australia in the 1980s, Julian Assange had explored the possibilities of hacking with a couple of friends calling themselves the 'International Subversives'. This … Continue reading The Persecution of Julian Assange Part 3

Julian Assange in His Own Words

Julian Assange in his own words, Book Review by Helen Mercer And  A Ray of Hope: Julian Assange Given Leave to Appeal https://wiseupaction.info/2021/12/20/julian-assange-in-his-own-words-book-review-by-helen-mercer/ With the recent judgement handed down by the High Court judges supporting the US appeal in the case of Julian Assange we have truly entered an Alice in Wonderland world. Logic, not … Continue reading Julian Assange in His Own Words


Assange: the most important press freedom case of the 21st century Punishment by process is the US policy on Julian Assange, just as the failure he predicted in Afghanistan comes true, writes JOHN REES https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/assange-most-important-press-freedom-case-21st-century IN THE mirror-world which is the Julian Assange case, justice is neither transparent nor impartial. And it is certainly not … Continue reading Assange

Craig Murray

Craig Murray — Parliament Notes 2 Craig Murray is now in prison – see Craig Murray's appeal bid fails over Alex Salmond trial blogs (BBC, 29 July 2021). His last blog before going into prison is Keeping Freedom aliveHe will not be able to post any while in prison. There is a Justice for Craig Murray Campaign and a Craig … Continue reading Craig Murray

Left Labour MPs demand to meet jailed Assange 

https://morningstaronline.co.uk/system/files/pdf-editions/Morning_Star_300621.pdf by Ceren Sagir  LABOUR MPs Richard Burgon and Diane Abbott handed a letter to the governor of HMP Belmarsh yesterday, demanding permission for a meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  The two socialist MPs joined Mr Assange’s fiancee Stella Moris outside the prison to deliver the letter on behalf of a parliamentary working group.  … Continue reading Left Labour MPs demand to meet jailed Assange