Why isn’t the British left excited by what’s happening in China?

Diary of an ex-Corbyn foot soldier (September, 2021)  Dictionary definition of “foot soldier”: “…a dedicated low level follower…”  Michael Murray: murraymicha@gmail.com; FaceBook: Michael Murray London Contents:   (1) “Why isn’t the British left excited by what’s happening in China?” (2)  “The Uyghurs and China” (1) “Why isn’t the British left excited by what’s happening in China?” Introduction “Okay. … Continue reading Why isn’t the British left excited by what’s happening in China?


Pitiful The British parliament was recalled early on the 18th of August, 2021 to discuss what they saw as the crisis in Afghanistan, when it was more of a British crisis.  This mother-of-parliaments practised its democracy as a colonial/imperialist pit—full of stinging scorpions and a hissing snakes who have missed their target. Dreary Kier anaconda Starmer arose from his log-like sleep, … Continue reading Scorpions

‘Auto-expulsions’ from the Labour Party

News in brief:  the so-called “auto-expulsions” from the Labour Party We reprint a statement from the Bakers Union regarding the possible ‘auto-expulsion’ from the Labour Party of their president. BFAWU to recall Conference Sarah Woolley Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 Today the Labour Party has made a clear statement of intent in its aspiration to repair its … Continue reading ‘Auto-expulsions’ from the Labour Party

Ken Loach

Gerry Adams writes: The expulsion of Ken Loach  Two weeks ago my column focussed on the British Labour Party, and the approach of its current leader Keir Starmer toward Ireland. The internal decision making processes of that party and the leadership style of Mr. Starmer are obviously a matter for it and for him. My … Continue reading Ken Loach


Assange: the most important press freedom case of the 21st century Punishment by process is the US policy on Julian Assange, just as the failure he predicted in Afghanistan comes true, writes JOHN REES https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/assange-most-important-press-freedom-case-21st-century IN THE mirror-world which is the Julian Assange case, justice is neither transparent nor impartial. And it is certainly not … Continue reading Assange

Craig Murray

Craig Murray — Parliament Notes 2 Craig Murray is now in prison – see Craig Murray's appeal bid fails over Alex Salmond trial blogs (BBC, 29 July 2021). His last blog before going into prison is Keeping Freedom aliveHe will not be able to post any while in prison. There is a Justice for Craig Murray Campaign and a Craig … Continue reading Craig Murray


Afghanistan   — Parliament Notes 1 There is substantial agreement outside the left and outside the Labour Party that Britain’s attempts at ‘nation building’ through military intervention should be given up. For example Simon Jenkins: “How many times must it be drummed into British heads that the British empire is over? It is dead, finished, outdated, not … Continue reading Afghanistan

Notes on the News

By Gwydion M. Williams Afghans – an Imaginary Democracy Afghanistan’s ‘Dogs of War’ Ideal Capitalist Democracies An Unauthorised Terrorist State? China Taking Control China to Curb the Rich? Trade War Shadow-Boxing Disobedient Poland Afghans – an Imaginary Democracy Afghanistan was never a democracy.  It was barely even a state, after the destruction of the left-wing government … Continue reading Notes on the News