National Debt is an Irrelevant Statistic – Editorial

National Debt is an Irrelevant Statistic - Editorial The unifying framework of Sunak’s budget is that the size of the national debt is a critical concern.  Hence, he has done the minimum possible to get the country through the next 6 months while sending a clear signal that there will be a return to austerity and increased unemployment … Continue reading National Debt is an Irrelevant Statistic – Editorial

Hancock’s NHS Reforms

Hancock’s NHS Reforms Pete Whitelegg On the 11th of February Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced wide ranging reforms to the current structure of the NHS.  In the House of Commons Hancock said:   “At its heart, this white paper enables greater integration, reduces bureaucracy and supports the way that the NHS and social care work when they work … Continue reading Hancock’s NHS Reforms

Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis

 Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis A review by Brendan Clifford Lord Adonis, who was a Junior Minister in the Blair Government, has written a book about Ernest Bevin.  Bevin was an organiser of working class power.  Blair's great object was to dissolve working class power in order to free the Labour Party from it. The Labour … Continue reading Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis


Listening to Italy by Orecchiette ALL CHANGE Mario Draghi became Prime Minister of Italy on 13 February following the resignation of Giuseppe Conte.  Conte had served two Prime Ministerial terms. He was nominated by President Sergio Mattarella and given a parliamentary vote of confirmation, but he has never held an elected post. He had a … Continue reading ALL CHANGE

Diary of a Corbyn Foot Soldier

Diary of a Corbyn foot soldier (April, 2021) Dictionary definition of a foot soldier: “…a dedicated low level follower” Content: “The weaponisation of  Suspension in the Labour Party.” (1)“The weaponisation of suspension”  (2) “ACAS guidelines on Suspensions compared to Labour Rules and Procedures” (3)  “And these are the people who are going to change the … Continue reading Diary of a Corbyn Foot Soldier