Bevin, The Anti-Semite

Brendan Clifford [This reprint from Labour and Trade Union Review July/August 2002 deals with the question raised in the biography by Andrew Adonis ‘Bevin, Labour’s Churchill’, reviewed last month.] — “The immediate straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back was the repeated refusal of the Jewish settlers in Palestine to be grateful for British protection and to conform to the plans … Continue reading Bevin, The Anti-Semite

Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis

 Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis A review by Brendan Clifford Lord Adonis, who was a Junior Minister in the Blair Government, has written a book about Ernest Bevin.  Bevin was an organiser of working class power.  Blair's great object was to dissolve working class power in order to free the Labour Party from it. The Labour … Continue reading Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill by Andrew Adonis