Labour Voters – the Lost and the Found

By Gwydion M. Williams The following article appeared in February 2020 Labour Affairs, and remains relevant.   But some digressions and out-of-date comments have been removed. Corbyn is being blamed for “the worst result since 1935”. 1935 wasn’t that bad, if you think about political outcomes.  If you don’t see Labour existing just to give nice jobs to ambitious … Continue reading Labour Voters – the Lost and the Found

Notes on the News

By Gwydion M. Williams The Tapeworms of Finance Untrustworthy Dollars Britain – the Tyranny of Structurelessness China’s Democratic Dictatorship China from Number 2 to Number 1 Snippets ICC – Kangaroo Court The Fight for Tik-Tok Saving Female Sports Salad Failures Iraq – Also Remembering 1987 The Tapeworms of Finance Tapeworms are tough and hardy survivor … Continue reading Notes on the News

An Interview with the Leader of the Donbass CP

A shift to the left in Russia - Boris Litvinov Boris Litvinov, first secretary of the Donetsk regional branch of the KPRF, gave an interview to the "Antifascist" news agency. (  - Boris Alekseevich, our previous interview was published on 11 February last year, in which you said that sooner or later Russia will … Continue reading An Interview with the Leader of the Donbass CP

School Meals in the Lords

Children’s school meals Debate in the House of Lords  27/03/23’s SchoolMeals Question  Asked by Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe  To ask His Majesty’s Government what plans they have to review and revise the children’s school meal regulations to reduce the levels of processed sugar and to provide incentives to encourage the use of alternatives such as stevia. … Continue reading School Meals in the Lords