Starmer, Sunak’s Unwitting Ally — Editorial 2

Brexit offered a real opportunity for the working class. With Corbyn, while not exactly in control of the ship (as we’ve subsequently realised), at least being somewhere on the Bridge, there was the prospect that the opportunity might have been taken advantage of. Alas and alack, such was the incoherent basis of his support (incapable … Continue reading Starmer, Sunak’s Unwitting Ally — Editorial 2

Running the Rule over the Labour Party Conference

Diary of an ex-Corbyn foot soldier (October, 2021)  Dictionary definition of “foot soldier”: “…a dedicated low level follower…”  Running the rule over the Labour Party Conference Contents:   (1) Back to College - the Electoral College (2) The main changes to the Party Rule Book: 2021 (3) Rule changes and the direction of the Party (1) … Continue reading Running the Rule over the Labour Party Conference

Where’s Sid?

Privatisations: The aftermath. by Feargus ORaghallaigh At a time when even rightwing newspapers like ‘The Times’ and ‘The Daily Telegraph’ are lamenting the failures of the privatisation of public services and the Labour leadership is afraid to talk of returning them to public ownership, it is a good idea to remind ourselves of how this … Continue reading Where’s Sid?

Multi-Millionaires — Who are they?

By Gwydion M. Williams Do millionaires earn their money through skill and hard work?  Millionaires certainly think so.  Likewise their right-wing boosters.  But just look at the sums involved: it is hard to believe that they deserve that much.  Could anyone be hundreds of times better than the rest of us? A Briton making £100,000 a year might indeed have earned … Continue reading Multi-Millionaires — Who are they?

An End to Bogus Self-employed Status – Parliament Notes 2

We have mentioned before in this magazine the work of the Institute of Employment Rights (IER).  The Labour Party Green Paper: New Deal for Working People, is the outcome of discussions with the Power in the Workforce Taskforce chaired by Andy McDonald MP, with legal assistance of John Hendy QC and Prof Keith Ewing, both of … Continue reading An End to Bogus Self-employed Status – Parliament Notes 2

Aukus – Parliament Notes 1

There is NATO, there is Five Eyes (the Anglo-Saxon English speaking alliance between Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US); there is the Quadrilateral Security Dialog—the so-called "Quad"—a strategic engagement between Australia, India, Japan, and the United States, there is the 1971 Five Powers Defence Arrangements, (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK).   Now … Continue reading Aukus – Parliament Notes 1