A Socialist Foreign Policy

Toward a  socialist foreign policy: Introduction to helpful sources of geopolitical analysis (No.1, February, 2022)

– Michael Murray

December last the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly (130 majority) for a motion condemning the glorification of Nazism, neo-nazism and all forms of racism – past and present. 

So what? You might ask.  Ought not we expect that from the UN, an institution set up by the WWII victors to prevent Nazism ever happening again? 

Yet, –  2 countries voted AGAINST: US and Ukraine. 49 ABSTAINED. On a vote condemning Nazism and racism ? 

Included in the 49 abstentions was the UK.

The 49 abstainers on this motion were mainly the pro-US delegates. 

How could a vote like that happen in 2021?  Craig Murray was only recently released from a Scottish jail for attempting to function as an independent journalist. Labour’s Jack Straw once sacked him from his diplomatic post in Uzbekistan – for not turning a blind eye to “information-gathering,”  using torture,  by one of “our” tyrants there.  So, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is:

“The truth about why the voting went this way? NATO intends to use the descendants of Eastern European Nazism against Russia much as Hitler did.”  He has in mind mainly Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – and, of course, the Ukraine.

Echoes of Trump’s right-hand man, Tillerson, here: “We only condemn the human rights failings of our adversaries.”  

Of the UK main stream media, only the Independent reported the vote, to my knowledge.

Go to YouTube and enter: Alexander Mercouris‘Russian Invasion scare’  Unravels, Ukraine Breaks Ranks with US/UK, Denies Russian Invasion Pending

– You’re in for an eye-opener: as I had my eyes opened hearing so many senior Ukrainian government officials distancing themselves from the US/UK contrived hysteria about an imminent Russian invasion including the Ukrainian Prime Minister, and the Chief of Security and Defence Council both saying there was no need for Ukrainians to panic; that a Russian  attack was not anticipated.   


Go to YouTube and enter: Alexander Mercouris:  Theatre of the Absurd: UK’s surreal Claim of Moscow’s Plot to install ‘Puppet Govt’ in Kiev  

  • It does what it says on the tin: exposes another big lie of this phony war. Again, echoes of the Iraq “Dodgy Dossier” playbook. 

–   Locating these videos will lead to other well-researched sources, reporting almost daily on Ukraine and other geopolitical hotspots.   

For an in-depth analysis of the Ukraine situation, read Pat Walsh here

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