The Budget Statement Was Not Unfunded—Editorial 1

We are told by almost every economics commentator in the main stream media that the markets panicked because, on 23rd September, Kwasi Kwarteng failed to explain how the government would fund the increase in spending implied by putting a cap on energy prices and reducing taxes. Kwarteng’s fiscal statement was unusual.  Kwarteng understood that national debt would … Continue reading The Budget Statement Was Not Unfunded—Editorial 1

Trauma Zone

Trauma Zone—Russia 1985-1999 Catherine Dunlop Comments on a Documentary by Adam Curtis, shown directly on BBC iPlayer, 13th October 2022 This is a documentary about Britain’s current Enemy, Russia,  made in the form of a collage of clips from suitably ugly and doom-laden old films.  Yet what strikes the viewer is the sight of Bush, then Clinton, then … Continue reading Trauma Zone

Italy, Greece and Ukraine

Italy, Greece and Ukraine  Italy and Greece, support for the Ukraine war, the least enthusiastic in Europe  YouGov-Cambridge has published the results of a survey of international opinion regarding the Ukraine war. Looking at the table of results (all on one page, magnifying glass required) Greece, Italy and Spain to a lesser extent give … Continue reading Italy, Greece and Ukraine