The Strange Death of Labour England—Editorial 1

The Strange Death of Labour England There was certainly no garden party for the Labour Party leadership when the result of the Leave voting North Shropshire by-election was announced.  The seat had been a Conservative seat for over 100 years with the Liberal Democrats coming second until Blair’s 1997 election victory, when Labour took 2nd place.  In 1997 … Continue reading The Strange Death of Labour England—Editorial 1

“Time for a new Parliamentary Party of the Left?”

                    Diary of an ex-Corbyn foot soldier (February, 2022)  Dictionary definition of “foot soldier”: “…a dedicated low level follower…”  Michael Murray:; Facebook: Michael Murray London On 25th January, the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) voted 24 - 13 against a motion calling for the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) Whip … Continue reading “Time for a new Parliamentary Party of the Left?”

Nordstream 2

Nordstream 2,  Germany and the US Jack Coldrick I’m increasingly getting the feeling that the current security crisis in Ukraine is being fuelled by this issue.  Ultimately, the final decision was in Germany’s hands and the agreement between Merkel and Biden was an acknowledgment of that fact. But the dynamics seem to have changed after the … Continue reading Nordstream 2

NHS Providers

Who are ‘NHS Providers’? Feargus ORaghallaigh I found the story at the link below remarkable ... Here is a related story: I have long held the view that the current NHS is actually a system of hospital-led private provision of health care (much of it provided on a for-profit basis) funded by the … Continue reading NHS Providers

Edward Leigh on Russia

Russia’s Grand Strategy   —  Parliament Notes Bernard Jenkin initiated this debate on ‘Russia’s Grand Strategy, 6th January 2022.  MPs on all sides were unanimous that Putin’s Russia is the enemy and a danger to the West and the UK in particular, Labour MPs being particularly vociferous.  The Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy lambasted the government for not spending enough on … Continue reading Edward Leigh on Russia

Heseltine on Privatisation

From Socialism to Popular Capitalism: ‘the revolution where everyone is a winner’.  The destruction of both British industry and council housing was a deliberate policy to get away from what Thatcher and Heseltine saw as socialism, the excessive influence of the state on the economy.  They saw this as their crowning achievement. Extracts from:    Where there’s a Will, … Continue reading Heseltine on Privatisation

Julian Assange in His Own Words

Julian Assange in his own words, Book Review by Helen Mercer And  A Ray of Hope: Julian Assange Given Leave to Appeal With the recent judgement handed down by the High Court judges supporting the US appeal in the case of Julian Assange we have truly entered an Alice in Wonderland world. Logic, not … Continue reading Julian Assange in His Own Words