Jeremy Corbyn banished as Labour MP—one year on

“WITHDRAWAL OF WHIP FROM JEREMY CORBYN: 1st  ANNIVERSARY” Diary of an ex-Corbyn foot soldier (December, 2021) A year ago, 19 November, 2021, the Chief Whip is reported as writing to Jeremy Corbyn, suspending him from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) for 3 months pending investigation into whether he had broken the PLP Code of Conduct. The … Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn banished as Labour MP—one year on

Sahra Wagenknecht—The Self-Righteous

Sahra Wagenknecht’s ‘The Self-Righteous’. Labour Affairs is pleased to publish below our own English translation of the Foreword to Sahra Wagenknecht’s ‘The Self-Righteous’, published in Germany earlier this year (Die Selbstgerechten: Mein Gegenprogramm – für Gemeinsinn und Zusammenhalt.  Campus, Frankfurt am Main 2021). The book has had a significant impact in Germany where Wagenknecht is … Continue reading Sahra Wagenknecht—The Self-Righteous

The Melancholia of Class

THE MELANCHOLIA OF CLASS  BY CYNTHIA CRUZ I REPEATER BOOKS £10.99The tyranny of the middle-class worldview  CHRIS MOSS (Morning Star Monday November 22 2021) recommends a perceptive analysis of the dichotomy between working-class identity and its repudiation by contemporary society.  Aspiration, assimilation, alienation and class are knottily intertwined in con- temporary Western societies. Success is deemed to … Continue reading The Melancholia of Class

Notes on the News

By Gwydion M. Williams Canada Drowns, Business Hesitates Government: It’s Not a Bad Habit China: the New Civilisation that the Soviet Union Failed To Be Snippets OLIMBY Covid: Survival of the Worst China’s Sputnik Moment? Unhappy Rich People Did Modern Humans Invent Cold-Blooded Murder? Canada Drowns, Business Hesitates “Atmospheric rivers are typically several thousand kilometers … Continue reading Notes on the News

Russian Gas or Ukrainian Freedom?

Labour Affairs staff Johnson used his speech at the Lord Mayor’s banquet 15 November to raise the ‘Russian gas versus Ukrainian freedom’ issue and at this time it is surely significant. Note the headline in this report from the Guardian. Russian gas or Ukrainian freedom has become Johnson’s battle-cry. Whether it works will depend … Continue reading Russian Gas or Ukrainian Freedom?