Mick Lynch—In His Own Words (2)

Mick Lynch in his own words 4th August 2022, on the channel “Double Down News”.  https://www.doubledown.news/watch/2022/august/4/mick-lynch-dismantles-the-media-keir-starmer-war-on-freedom-extreme-right-wing-tory-government [Extracts] “Division is fatal for working class people, we cannot allow that to happen, all workers are one and that’s the attitude we have to take forward, mobilising our people together, all workers of every identity in one mass movement. … Continue reading Mick Lynch—In His Own Words (2)

Inflation 2022

A Transitory Inflation?                Martin Seale The price of many of the goods that the typical consumer buys is higher than it was a year ago. Is this inflation?  The last time we had inflation in the UK was in the 70s and 80s.  But is what happened then similar to what is happening now? In the early … Continue reading Inflation 2022

Sahra Wagenknecht—The Self-Righteous

Sahra Wagenknecht’s ‘The Self-Righteous’. Labour Affairs is pleased to publish below our own English translation of the Foreword to Sahra Wagenknecht’s ‘The Self-Righteous’, published in Germany earlier this year (Die Selbstgerechten: Mein Gegenprogramm – für Gemeinsinn und Zusammenhalt.  Campus, Frankfurt am Main 2021). The book has had a significant impact in Germany where Wagenknecht is … Continue reading Sahra Wagenknecht—The Self-Righteous

The Melancholia of Class

THE MELANCHOLIA OF CLASS  BY CYNTHIA CRUZ I REPEATER BOOKS £10.99The tyranny of the middle-class worldview  CHRIS MOSS (Morning Star Monday November 22 2021) recommends a perceptive analysis of the dichotomy between working-class identity and its repudiation by contemporary society.  Aspiration, assimilation, alienation and class are knottily intertwined in con- temporary Western societies. Success is deemed to … Continue reading The Melancholia of Class

Fire and Rehire Bill — Parliament Notes 2 

Parliament debate 22 October 2021 https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2021-10-22/debates/BFCF71FC-1BE2-488A-A926-7EA0A1E1F36A/EmploymentAndTradeUnionRights(DismissalAndRe-Engagement)Bill?highlight=barry%20gardiner#contribution-1EA2B774-28DC-4ED0-B891-48FDCD646E7D During the Covid pandemic firms like British Airways fired part of their staff and rehired them on reduced terms and conditions.  The Labour MP Barry Gardiner presented a Private Member’s Bill to end this practice. No MP on either side defended the practice, but still the Bill was not passed.  Conservatives … Continue reading Fire and Rehire Bill — Parliament Notes 2 

A small victory for freedom of speech: the reinstatement of Stan Keable

We reproduce Stan Keable’s statement, the full story can be  read on the website of Jewish Voice for Labour. Statement by Stan Keable, Tues Oct 26 2021  [Three and a half years after his sacking for a comments about Zionism during the ‘Enough is Enough’ demonstration in parliament square, Stan Keable welcomes a small victory in … Continue reading A small victory for freedom of speech: the reinstatement of Stan Keable