Starmer’s Labour Party — Editorial 2

Starmer’s Labour Party Keir Starmer was first elected as an MP in 2015.  He rose to prominence when he led the opposition to various attempts to implement Brexit while the party was under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  In 2019 he convinced the Labour Party conference to support a 2nd referendum over Brexit.  There are strong reasons to believe … Continue reading Starmer’s Labour Party — Editorial 2

Conway Hall Cancels

Cancellation of No2Nato event —25 February 2023 — Conway Hall A Conference organised by No3Nato/Workers Party of Britain has been cancelled by Conway Hall, the Home of Free Speech, a month  before it was due to take place on 25th February 2023.  Previously St Pancras Church had also succumbed to pressure and cancelled the same proposed meeting. At … Continue reading Conway Hall Cancels

Putin’s Speech

Putin’s latest speech Following are extracts from a televised speech on Monday 20 February by Russian President Vladimir Putin; here he is speaking on the Russian economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union Colleagues, in this context I would like to make a small philosophicaldigression. This is what I would like to single out.We remember what problems and imbalances the Soviet economy faced in itslater … Continue reading Putin’s Speech

Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill

Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill, discussed in the Lords 21 February 2023 Parliament Notes [Extracts, starting with the speech of Frances O’Grady and ending with the speech of a Conservative Peer against the proposed government bill.] Frances O’Grady (now Baroness of Upper Holloway) Could workers who are required to work during a strike but who … Continue reading Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill

Corbyn banned

Corbyn not allowed to stand as Labour MP; Jewish Voice for Labour no longer allowed to affiliate to the Labour Party. [Since this article was written in the Morning Star, 15/2/23, JVL and other organisations have been removed from the list of organisations allowed to affiliate to the Labour Party]. “LABOUR “does not belong … Continue reading Corbyn banned

Is Labour the Natural Party of Local Government? Editorial

When one looks at the current Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and its leadership, it is hard to escape the impression of a collective without principles, interested only in political power and in concealing, as much as possible, what they actually stand for so as not to annoy any powerful interest or to provoke controversy. A good example … Continue reading Is Labour the Natural Party of Local Government? Editorial

Ukrainian Refugees and ‘small boat’ Asylum seekers

Eamon Dyas By the end of July 2022, the U.K. government had estimated that 104,000 Ukrainian refugees had arrived in the UK in the previous 5 months. [See: %5D By the 24th of August 2022 data compiled by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford showed that over 115,200 Ukrainian refugees were officially living in … Continue reading Ukrainian Refugees and ‘small boat’ Asylum seekers

Working Conditions: the Case of the Müller Drivers

Working Conditions: the case of the Müller drivers Eamon Dyas Members of the Unite Trade Union are currently picketing supermarkets in London to highlight an industrial dispute that has received little coverage in the media although it touches on a subject that is becoming a growing concern for workers generally – the erosion of working … Continue reading Working Conditions: the Case of the Müller Drivers