The Colonial Mindset

	Oh dear, I wish I could remember who said it
	  but it had to do with someone killing 25 Taliban
	from a helicopter gunship, or was it a scam.
	  US soldier Manning reported such a hit.
	and was sent to the torture of a silent cell.
	  The 25 killer was cleaning the world 
	of those his ilk had created, the armed churl,
	  and who would eventually send them to hell.
	Don't kill Saddam and then complain about ISIS.
	  Don't oppress the NI Catholic and not expect payback.
	Don't arm Ukraine and moan about the economy wrecked.
	  Don't taunt China and then call it their crisis.
	Don't make the human race dispensable. 
	  Don't… But you will, you who are reprehensible.

	Wilson John Haire. 12th January, 2023.



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