Pay Increases

Meanwhile, in the Private Sector:

Tanker drivers gain huge rise after walkout threat 

LOGISTICS workers were celebrating yesterday after their threat to go on strike led to them winning a “huge pay victory” worth close to 40 per cent for some staff. 

About 150 Unite members employed by Wincanton to deliver fuel to Valero petrol stations nationwide showed “complete unity” by voting for walkouts, which will not now take place, the trans- port union said. 

As part of the deal, tier- one tanker drivers will receive an inflation-busting wage rise of 20.7 per cent, while those on tier-two contracts will see their pay skyrocket by 37.1 per cent. 

The package is designed to “reduce the differential between the two groups of workers,” Unite noted. 

General secretary Sharon Graham said: “This pay increase further underlines how Unite’s commitment to the jobs, pay and conditions of its members is paying substantial financial dividends.” 

National officer Tony Devlin added that the outcome “further demonstrates that Unite’s strategy in the downstream oil distribution sector is delivering while the union continues to ensure that all tanker drivers receive a fair pay increase.”

Rolls Royce workers win inflation busting wage rise

ABOUT 1,200 workers at Goodwood’s iconic Rolls- Royce factory have won the “largest single pay deal in the history of the plant,” Unite hailed yesterday. 

The inflation-busting package, worth 17.6 per cent, will see staff at the site in West Sussex pocket an extra £3,205 a year alongside a one-off payment of £2,000, the union said. 

General secretary Sharon Graham praised the “top notch pay deal,” saying: “Rolls- Royce Motor Cars are famous and iconic because of the workers’ craft and expertise. 

“For years the workers had been underpaid and undervalued but that’s changing — the union has won the best pay deal since the site opened. 

“This is a testament to the organising efforts of Unite reps at Goodwood and it’s also proof that our union’s laser sighted focus on jobs, pay and conditions is winning for workers.” 

Staff at the plant, who had overwhelmingly voted to go on strike during the dispute, build some of the world’s most expensive luxury cars, including the Ghost, Wraith and Cullinan. 

The Rolls-Royce brand is owned by BMW, which reported total sales of an eye-watering £13.5 billion in the first half of this year. 

The union’s regional co- ordinating officer Scott Kemp noted that the site’s employees have been paid the “worst in the premium end of the industry for years. 

“Goodwood is the so- called ‘house of luxury’ and it’s high time workers had their well-earned share of that reflected in their pay and conditions.” 

A company spokesperson said it is “pleased that Unite supported and recommended a positive pay deal,” saying: “Negotiations were cordial and constructive throughout.” 

Outsourced council staff win huge pay boost 

Morning Star 24/1/23

STRIKING parking attendants and CCTV operators in west London have won a vastly improved pay deal worth up to 19.7 per cent, the Unite union said yesterday. 

The workers, employed by Serco in the boroughs of Ealing and Brent, began a two-week strike on January 18, as did those in Hounslow. 

Unite members in the latter borough now stand alone in the action and will continue to strike until the end of the month unless bosses deliver a fair pay deal, the union said. 

The outsourcing giant reported its latest profits as £303.9 million. 

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “It was clear from the start that Serco could pay workers more money in Ealing and Brent. 

“It took strike action to bring the employer to the negotiating table to agree fair pay. 

“What remains outstanding is that Serco and council bosses in Hounslow are still refusing address the scandal of low pay.” 

Unite acting national officer Clare Keogh added: “Council workers in Hounslow continue to face real financial hardship. 

“If the money can be found in Brent and Ealing, then Hounslow must come out of the cold and pay workers a decent rate.” 

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