Let me ask you a question:
	  The ground is still squishy where a million lie in Iraq,
	the soft bones gone of a quarter million babes
	  under five through sanctions, dried flesh still on the
	Guantanamo torture racks.
	  Blood and tears in equal measure still torments Afghanistan.
	Gaddafi’s adopted toddler daughter dead in a British
	  air-strike, he himself knife-raped to death, the hollow,
	echoing laugh of an also-ran Clinton, Madeline Albright 
	  says the under-five deaths were worth it,
	Television cameras welcomes back British pilots, with 
	  their wives and children, at an airbase… ?
	Let me interrupt you there.
	  I’m not finished.
	You call that a question?
	  Here’s another question: What’s special about the Ukrainian civilian?
	You’re accusing me of favouring the blue-eyed blond-haired.
	  I’m accusing you of wanting more of them under the rubble.
	A long war can bog down Russia, ending its development.
	  Turn this recording off.. !
	Lastly, why can’t I hear or read a different point of view?
	  Erase this interview right now!
	You’re running a propaganda campaign.
	  Erase now, I said?
	Once propaganda starts it becomes a plague.
	  Remember what happened to Solomon Grundy?
	  He died in the Great Plague of London in 1665.
	Then he’s cancelled, erased!

 	  Born on Monday
	Joined the mercenaries on Tuesday.
	  Reached Ukraine on Wednesday
	Got wounded with the Azov Brigade on Thursday
	  Festered on Friday
	Died on Saturday
	   Liz Truss  lays him a Whitehall wreath on Sunday.
	That was the end of Solomon Grundy. 
	Wilson John Haire. 21st March, 2022.

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