After the Bombs Fall


                  You make the world in your own image.

                    The remorseless banks of piggery

                  that snatch at your meagre savings,

                    without interest while throwing

                  millions to a shady property developer

                    who build homes beyond the reach of

                  those who build them.

                    Organised crime will be much more

                  sophisticated, in the form of off-shore

                    tax-avoidance, and dirty-money


                    Drugs could be delivered by well-known

                  brand couriers, much like the East India

                    Company did yester-year. 

                  A date via Tinder or Plenty of Fish

                    for a one-night stand, or a wife with

                  a beard who can still give birth but

                    won’t be known as mother.

                  You can act as you like, be anyone

                    you’d like to be, dress as you like,

                  piss where you like, be in any hospital

                    ward you like, or any prison cell you

                  like, with full genitalia.

                    Meanwhile, back in your damp, black-moulded

                  flat, having visited the food-bank, and

                    paid off your education fees, like a mortgage,

                  you can read about they who flaunt their

                    wealth in your tabloid. Protest, if you’re

                  envious of these fine philanthropists,

                    while you work away in your underpaid job,

                  where you didn’t get a proper wage-rise for 

                    what seems decades now.  

                  If that three million pound yacht is

                    out of reach, or that five million pound

                  house, at least you can join in our 

                    climate-change programme.


                    Reagan taught Thatcher that.

                  No more coal-mines, no more heavy industries,

                    no more militant trade, unions. 

                  No more socialism?  

                    Now we need to persuade Russia,

                  especially China, to do the same. 

                    It’s saving the planet for a free world.

                  Sorry, got to go, must catch a plane, I’m

                    delivering bombs.  

                  Wilson John Haire. 16th February, 2022.

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