Moscow urges unity against US drives for regime change 

RUSSIAN Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called yesterday [13/10/21] for a united response to global meddling by the United States as he warned of continuing US attempts to overthrow “undesirable” governments. 

He was speaking at conference of intelligence and security chiefs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), an intergovernmental organisation comprising nine post-Soviet republics. 

“Our solidarity is still more important in a situation where Washington and its allies continue crude attempts to intervene in the CIS countries’ internal affairs,” he told the Moscow gathering. 

“Their policy of replacing governments they find undesirable remains in force, while the tactic of implementing it has changed,” the Russian minister added. 

He cited the disastrous “democratisation efforts” in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq and claimed that Ukraine had been placed into “external administration.” 

The US and European Union backed a coup against the latter country’s democratically elected government in 2014 after it rejected a neoliberal trade deal.   A similar offensive is under way against Belarus, with Washington pumping millions of dollars into anti-government media organisations, opposition groups and trade unions.
Belarus has rejected recommendations by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to privatise the state sector, implement an austerity programme and encourage entrepreneurship. 

(Morning Star 14 October 2021)

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