Quantitative Easing, or “How will you pay for it?’

Parliament Notes QE, or printing money, is capitalism’s cunning plan to overcome economic and financial crises.   In the massive economic crisis of the 1930s, the US state financed public works with money it hadn’t ‘earned’ from taxes.  The economies of the US and Europe have practised it since to avoid the worst disasters of the 2007/8 financial … Continue reading Quantitative Easing, or “How will you pay for it?’

Editorial – Budget Battle Lines

Editorial Budget Battle Lines The next UK budget is on 3rd March.  We don’t know what position Sunak will take on the hugely increased fiscal deficit.  Will he return to austerity policies quickly or defer for a year?  Certainly the Labour Party response to Sunak’s budget will be an opportunity to clearly separate Labour from the Conservatives.   There have … Continue reading Editorial – Budget Battle Lines