Starmer’s Labour Party — Editorial 2

Starmer’s Labour Party Keir Starmer was first elected as an MP in 2015.  He rose to prominence when he led the opposition to various attempts to implement Brexit while the party was under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  In 2019 he convinced the Labour Party conference to support a 2nd referendum over Brexit.  There are strong reasons to believe … Continue reading Starmer’s Labour Party — Editorial 2

Editorial 2    Hartlepool – Labour’s False Narrative

Starmer addressed his first Labour Party conference as Labour leader in September 2020. He stated there that ‘it’s time to get serious about winning’.  In the Hartlepool bye-election on 6th May, a year after Starmer took over the leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour vote declined by 45%.  It is interesting to compare that result with Corbyn’s result … Continue reading Editorial 2    Hartlepool – Labour’s False Narrative