Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill

Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill, discussed in the Lords 21 February 2023 Parliament Notes [Extracts, starting with the speech of Frances O’Grady and ending with the speech of a Conservative Peer against the proposed government bill.] Frances O’Grady (now Baroness of Upper Holloway) Could workers who are required to work during a strike but who … Continue reading Strikes (Minimum Service) Bill

The Tory Party and the Labour Movement 1891

The Tory Party and the Labour Movement Randolph Churchill Paddington Speech 1891 Eamon Dyas Lord Randolph Churchill wasn’t advocating a Tory initiative of pro-labour policies. At this stage there was no Labour Party which had the responsibility of formulating a political programme representing working class interests, so the political language of the time didn’t include … Continue reading The Tory Party and the Labour Movement 1891